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Live At The Ritz Annual Membership

Live At The Ritz Memberships are a critical part of our ongoing financial support. Although event sponsors help pay a portion of our performers fees, we also rely on our membership program to supplement these fees and fund our operations. The financial support we receive through our memberships is vital to our ability to keep our doors open, our lights on, and our bills paid. As you consider your ability to contribute, please know that we offer several different levels and all memberships are greatly appreciated!

Supporting Role $100.00

  • Gold Ticket for two movie tickets, two large popcorn, and two large drinks
  • Receipt for Charitable Donation
  • Recognition in Performance Programs

Cameo Role $250.00

Supporting Role Benefits PLUS:

  • Free $10.00 Gift Card every time you buy $100.00 worth of Gift Cards in a single purchase
  • 15% discount on one rental per year

Co-Star Role $500.00

Cameo Role Benefits PLUS:

  • Invitation to Annual VIP Gala
  • Advance Ticket Purchasing

Producer’s Circle $1000.00

Co-Star Benefits PLUS:

  • 2 Complimentary Tickets to 1 Live Event
  • 20% discount on ALL rentals during membership year

Ritz Theatre :: Downtown Wellington, Texas

Oscar Nominee $2500.00

Producer’s Circle Benefits PLUS:

  • 1 FREE Rental (non-movie night)
  • 25% discount on ALL other rentals
  • Gold tickets to be given EVERY month for twelve months

Contact Information

902 East Avenue/PO Box 202

Wellington, Texas 79095

Phone: 806-447-0090